Thursday, 21 August 2014

Just an Idea? How to use your Morgan Tonneau!

Due to the difficulty I have in Fitting our Tonneau Cover I very rarely use it!

One thought that is uppermost: 

What do I do if it suddenly rains and I need to raise the Hood?

A Second thought is: 

Where do I put the Tonneau when the Hood is up? 

Parking Up, Overnight, involves taking it off and putting up the Hood and then putting my Rain Cover on.  

During our recent visit to MOG 2014 at Harrogate, while 'People Watching' from the Bedroom Window, I spotted , In Action, what may be a Very Clever and Useful Idea.

I will use a series of photos I took today while trying out what I saw. 

Both Morgan Models have 'Easy Up Hoods' and Tonneau. 

The Harrogate Morgan I watched did have a hood made from the softer Everflex material, which may have made the process easier to manage.

 Here is my 'John Taylor Rain Cover' which I always fit if staying away overnight. 

(on a side note - I have noticed that the Front Edge of this cover is rubbing the paint surface where the elastic fits as it moves in the wind. 
I must fit some soft padding material under there)

Step 1. My Hood in its Raised Position with the Back Locks popped open.

Step 2. Here I have placed my Tonneau onto the Back Lock Pegs and laid it over the  Raised hood.

This is how our Harrogate colleagues positioned their Tonneau, after raising their Hood, before putting on their own 'John Taylor Rain Cover'.

Here is a Side View of the Tonneau before adding the Rain Cover.

Step 3. In the Morning, the Tonneau is laid back over the Spare Wheel ready to lower the Hood again.

My 'Towel Roll' is in position ready to lower the Hood, without moving the Tonneau. 

( I will explain later why the Tonneau happens to be folded as it is in this photo ).

Step 4. The Hodd is now Down with the  Loose Ends of the Roof 'Strapped In' by my simple Velcro Straps.

Step 5. The Headrests are removed and stowed.

Step 6. In The Photo the Tonneau is fitted and Attached with the Back edge catches locked down.

When fitting it, I found that the best way to attach the Tonneau to its front studs is to first undo the zip slightly.

Then, Lift the back of the Hood up and easily attach the three front 'Lift the Dot' poppers.

Lower the back down and pull out the two sides to attach the Poppers / Tenax Fasteners.

 My Tonneau was so difficult to fit width wise, so I have changed my Two Rear Poppers for Tenax Fasteners as it enabled me to gain an extra 1 cm of Tonneau width to allow it go over the width of the hood.

I also find it easier to fasten the 4 Tenax than the old Poppers and they stay done up 

The last action is to Lock the Two Rear 'Bonnet Type' catches.

When driving alone with the Half Tonneau, I don't lock down the back catches as the Tenax Fasteners hold it securely. 

Step 7. Reversing the Process to put the Hood up, for either Night Time or if it is raining.

Release the Back Catches, the Side Tenax/Poppers followed by the Front 'Lift the Dot' fasteners.

Both Sides are now unfastened and the Rear Catch is released. 

Step 8. The Hood is Raised and the Towel is to be Removed.

( I apologise for the direction of the photo but Photobucket  will not rotate it here for some reason? )

Step 9. Once again the Tonneau is flipped onto the roof ready to take the Rain Cover.

If the hood is being raised because it is Raining, it would be the normal practise to have to take off the Tonneau and find somewhere to stow it so that the journey may be continued.

An Extra Idea?

How about taking this one stage further than just a Night Time feature.

Folding & Rolling The Tonneau

Fold in the Edges of the Tonneau and begin to roll up the Tonneau.

The Rolled Up Tonneau with its ends turned in.

Just as an idea, a form of Strap or Velcro Fastener could be used to secure the loose ends and prevent it from unrolling. 

These straps could also be secured permanently to the Hood Locking Pins , which in themselves may need some permanent adjustment to provide a little more length for the extra thickness of the straps.

This way, the Tonneau could be in constant use if you like travelling, say, with a Half Tonneau covering the passenger seat .  

Using the same Folding and Rolling action with the zip done up, produces the same neat cover for the rear well void when both seats are in use.  In this case, as you can see in the photo above, only the Rear Popper/Tenax is fastened. 


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Why Can't All British Towns Be Like Harrogate?

The Annual Morgan Sports Car Rally called a MOG, 2014 this year, was held in the Magnificent Building of the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

It is said that almost 400 Morgan Cars attended the 3 day event, although some of them were parking at other hotels nearby.

The Majestic was fully booked back in October last year indicating the popularity of the event and the venue.

The Decorated Hotel Entrance  

One of the Pillar Trees decorated with MOG 2014 Flags.

We set out from home on Friday morning choosing to travel north using the A1 route. We only reached the Black Cat Roundabout near St Neots when we came upon the first of a few massive tail backs caused by lack of priority for our direction. We were there for ages just crawling along getting very hot from the V6 engine. We stopped at the service station there after passing through the jam just for a comfort break.

Unlike my usual blogs, I am unable to take photos on the move as I am banned from doing so by my passenger. 

On arrival at the Hotel we parked up in the only space available in the massive car park. We settled into our room overlooking the Main Entrance.  I took this snap of some of the cars parked below. Most of them have their Raincoats on ready for the uncertain overnight weather.

One strange admin issue with the event meant that there were no Restaurant facilities for anyone (like us) who did not want to eat with the masses. With this in mind I had booked to eat at the Old Swan Hotel just across the road in Swan Road. We had stayed there before. 

This is the Hotel where Agatha Christie stayed when she disappeared from public view. I took this photo when I had lunch there during my 1000 Mile Rally trip last year. 

  The Old Swan Hotel

 Another view of the Parked Morgans

On Saturday Morning it was a hive of activity below our bedroom as many of the owners prepared their cars and were about to set off on either a Scenic Drive into the Yorkshire Dales or to a specific venue such as the Steam Train Ride at Bolton Abbey. Many, like ours, stayed in the Car Park all weekend.

No Scenic Drives for us as we were to spend the day roaming Harrogate, shopping! At least we did get a chance to visit the Gardens on my insistence as we made our way back to the hotel.

The War Memorial

During the tour of the shops I did manage to take a few 'Tourist Shots between the nose to tail traffic.

 Harrogate's famous Betty's Cafe where there is always a long queue of people waiting for a table inside.

 Queen Victoria

The Monument with Queen Victoria in side the arches.

 Here we are passing some traditional Victorian Style Porticos. 

 Ornate Architecture for a Shopping Centre.

 One of the many Floral Displays to be found around the Town.
 The Tour de France Uk Stages were routed through Harrogate and the town had been behind it with variety of items on show.  This carved tree trunk is a permanent reminder of the event.

 Two of the many Magnificent Flower Beds to be found around the town.

Lamp Post Decorations 

 Even the Old Shops in the Pedestrianised Ginnel have been given a Face Lift.

 The Floral Display supporting the Grown Hotel in the background.

 Harrogate being a Spa Town here is the Museum nest to the still active Pump Room and Turkish Baths.

 Heading back towards the Hotel, I made our way into the Valley Gardens, one of Harrogates Prize Gardens and Floral Displays. 17 Acres of English Heritage Grade ll Listed Gardens.

 The Pavilion where a Wedding Reception was about to take place as the guests were making their way up the hill to it on foot.

The Long Avenue 

 Another View of the Pavilion.

 Yours Truly spoiling the Picture.

Posing Near to The Garden Cafe.

 More Sculptured Gardens

 A Small Business utilising the Model  Boating Lake.

 Near to Harrogate is the famous RHS Harlow Carr Garden. This bed is planted to represent their gardens.

 Further along the Harlow Carr Flower Bed.

 We have one of these in our garden and in 5 years has only produced one Thistle.

 A Small Man Made Stream flows down the gardens falling through different levels into ponds. These Giant Gunnera are alongside the stream.

 Ducks on one of the small lakes.

The View back to the Town from the Valley Garden Gates

 I notice more Tour de France memorabilia with this line of Hand Knitted Cycling Jumper Bunting across one of the buildings.

 Hales Bar is the Oldest Bar in Harrogate. - I would have loved to go in for a sample but not this time!!??

 The Royal Hall Theatre

 Back at the Hotel, the Displays are being prepared. Here the Morgan Motor Company are gathering their cars. These two are based on the Aero Chassis with the BMW V8 engine.

 The Latest Development - The Morgan +8 Speedster, also built on the Aero Chassis with the BMW V8 engine.

The Rear View.

 Part of the Morgan Motor Company Merchandise selling area.

The Morgan Sports Car Club Merchandise tables.

Before we went out for our evening meal at the well known Graveleys Fish Restaurant, we were asked to move our car from the area required for tomorrows Morgan Gymkhana.

Night Time in the Car Park

The Green Goddess in her new parking spot under wraps as well.

Sunday at a MOG is the Big Day of the event. Here in the Trade Stands area Rally Plaque supplier Jancraft had this display of Plaques. I spot one of the Waddesdon Rally Plaques in the background.

 Jancraft Rally Plaques

 In the Tennis Courts, the Team Based 'Fun & Games' were in progress.

Space Hopper negotiating the Bollards. 

 Friends from my Round Britain Trip, Sylvia & Dennis O'Neil from Northumberland were entered in the Innovations Competition with their Luggage Rack Tea Table.

The Line Up of Entrants in the Innovations Competition.

 Driving under Instruction with a Hood over the Head in the Gymkhana 

 A Vintage Matchless Engined Aero Three Wheeler was a late arrival.

 I spotted another Tour de France token set high on one of the Hotel Chimneys.

 In the Concours Competition was this beautiful Flat Rad.

 This 4/4 Special needs some explanation as it merges the rear end styling of an Aeromax with a Trad car.

More of the Concourse entrants in showroom perfection.

 The Melvyn & Sindy Rutters Trophy winning entry.

 Another Trophy Winner

 This Beauty from Chris & MSCC Chairman Michelle Bailey won its class as well.

 Another Old Matchless Engined Aero Trike 

 This one from Germany was judges to be the Best in Show

The whole Concourse Display Area

 The Brands Hatch Motors stand was busy all afternoon.

 This Lifes Motors car had a Wheel Up showing off a Suplex Installation.

 The Drighlington Brass Band played for us all afternoon. Here they are being sketched by the Caricaturist.

The almost finished sketches.

At 4.15pm it was time for the Presentation of Awards (Large Trophies) to the winners of the various competitions. Once completed, the Weekend is officially ended. Just beow the Morgan Sign can bee seen the Trophy being awarded for the Best in Show car in the Concors ( photo somewhere above here ).

Having had such a difficult 7 Hour Journey to Harrogate using the A1M, I decided that we would go all the way home without using a single mile of Motorway. 

We would travel down the spine of the country towards Birmingham by going via Bradford, Huddersfield, Holmfirth (Home of The Last of the Summers Wine TV Series) over Holme Moss, the highest climb on the Tour de France UK Stages. Then on to Glossop, Buxton, Ashbourne and Litchfield. 

I achieved this by setting Waypoints on the Sat Nav. My mistake was allowing the Sat Nav to take us from Litchfield to home. 

9.5 Hours later, we arrived home in heavy rain for the last hour of the journey.

Our First Comfort Break stop was in the heart of Holmfirth in a small car park alongside the toilet block and the river.

 Just across the road is one of the Holmfirth Hostelries that feature in the TV Series. 

 In the corner by the vintage Van is Ivy's Cafe where the main Characters often met.

 Ivy's Cafe

Some of The Main Last of the Summer Wine Cast Members 

 Out of Holmfirth on the Road to Glossop is the Fabulous Holme Moss Hill Climb. Here is the view from the Car Park towards Huddersfield.

Holme Moss is on the Autocar 1920's List of Motoring Hill Climbs 
- Point 65 on my map of the 152 Hills (Link Below)

 The Communications Mast on the top of Holme Moss

To the Right in the distance is the Emley Moor Transmitting Station. For a clearer photo the same view is available at this website.

 One of the Three Reservoirs visible from the top.

 Stormy in the Distance but we missed the rain until the last few miles of our journey.

 There are memories of the Tour de France written all over the road where the riders will be nearing the summit of the long climb. No Wiggo ( Bradley Wiggins ) this time and Chris Froome did not complete the tour following a crash in France.

Ann is busy making us a coffee each and trying to open the sealed pack containing the Betty's Fat Rascal Bun given to us in our MOG Goody Bag. The Bun is large enough for two and is very tasty.

The Fat Rascal,19172,255.aspx

 Our last stop was for lunch at this cafe in the Rivendale Caravan Park near Ashbourne.

The Hood was up for Security rather than rain, however after lowering it again a few spots fell, but only a few.

I Hope you enjoyed our weekends photos.