Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day 1 - Home to Bristol Almondsbury

At 9.15 the car was ready and I was still rushing about like a headless chicken.

I eventually departed after farewells to Ann & Digby,

 The Town Hall where I was fund raising last week

Driving South towards Slough

I decided to pick up the official 1900 route on the A4 road at Slough due south of my home. There are easier options but that would only make the home run more difficult. I have never counted them but Slough must have the worlds supply of Traffic Light Junctions all pre programmes to turn RED when the Green Goddess is approaching.

 It was SLOW, SLOW SLOW, getting to and through Maidenhead and Reading to my first stop.

 Leaving Maidenhead
 Going through Reading
The Royal Berkshire Hospital Building

As I drove into Calcot Park, the wonderful Calcot Park, with its Golf Course of lush fairways cris crossing the East Drive. This was also the fist stop of the 1900 Rally where they all received a sumptuous Smoke Salmon & Champagne Lunch from the owner who was also one of the participants.
 Calcot Park House (now Apartments)

 Queuing on the First Tee
 The Club House

After leaving the Park I had a short drive to Calcot Sainsbury's store to fund raise. There I was to meet Charities Coordinator Trish Watkins who helped me park near to the front door and then  gave me a welcome coffee

I will post my donations later when I have counted the contents of the collecing tin.

 The Atrium where i was standing.

 Sainsbury's Calcot

 Yours Truely thanks to Trish's photography.


After 2,1/2 hours of fund raising, it was going to have to be a quick sprint to Marlborough via Newbury & Hungerford as I have planned to meet Talk Morgan member Jeremy in the town centre at 2pm for the drive into Bath.

 Approaching Thatcham
The Gates and then Wall of a Park who's name i will have to add later 

 The Halfway? Inn
 Hungeford's Architectural Reclamation Yard

 Through the top of Hungerford on the A4.

Oil Seed Rape flowers blooming in the distance. 

 Entering Pickwick

The outskirts of Marlborough

 Jeremy's Plus 4 Sports

 Passing Silbury Mound

 Jeremy doing a fine job leading the way.

 Into Bath
The Jayne Austin Centre

The next three hours were spent fund raising at the Bath Sainsbury's Store in the old Green Park Railway Station

 The view of the Mog from the Atrium

A group of Visitors gathered just when I wanted my photos. 

 The old station building canopy.

Fund raising completed I decided to complete the day with a visit to the beautiful Royal Crescent if only I could find it. I had a picture in my mind of the general direction and as luck would have it I went straight there.

 Being Photographed at the Royal Crescent

 Now it is my turn 

 My Camera Lady & Partner visiting from Germany

 The Cobbles were very bumpy.

Next I am on my way to find the SS Britannia.
 The Bristol Riots Mural Walll

 Along the River Avon Bank
 Into the Car Park - Free at 7pm. 

It was 7pm by the time I arrived at the dockside so Free Parking. But alas, everything was closed including access to the ship so these are the best shots I could get.#

 All I could see of SS Britannia through the Locked Gates

 Wall Pictures are all there were.
Now I am really tired and ready for a rest so it is off to Almondsbury just north of Bristol in the countryside. The sat Nave took me along the Avon Gorge into the lowering sun but sadly due to tailing traffic I was unable to get a photo of the Suspension Bridge as I passed under it.

 The Avon Gorge with the Tide out.

 Parked Up for the night at the Bowl Inn

As I arrived the bell ringers were at work in the church to Ring me Home.

My collections for the Day were 
Calcot - £ 45.23
Bath - £57.02