Monday, 9 October 2017

A Sunny Visit to Warsash on Sunday

A Sunny Visit to Warsash on Sunday

It was a lovely warm and sunny afternoon when we decided to take our son and Digby Dog for a walk along the Coastal Path at Warsash on the River Hamble and Southampton Water.

 The walk begins alongside the Warsash Sailing Club building and heads southward along the Coastal Path. 

 Warsash Sailing Club

 Looking back up the path towards the Harbour Masters Building.

 Zooming way down the water to get this Close Up of the Lifeboat Training Rig at the School of Navigation.

In the background is the now Mothballed Oil Fired Power Station at Fawley.

One of the Waterside Homes whose First Floor Balcony inspires me for our own home.

 It is High Tide on the River 

 As we pass the School of Navigation I notice these giant tanks.

Following a discussion with my son we notice the smoke stains around the doors and realise that they are used to train students in handling On Board Ship Fires.

 This Close Up paints a gory scene as the discarded rescue bodies (dummies) have been left draped over the handrail.

This colour shot across Southampton Water appears Black & White looking out towards the Oil Refinery at Fawley.   

 Another Zoomed in Shot brings in the Castle and Coastguard Tower at Calshot Spit, once the home to the famous Sunderland Flying Boats.

The buildings in the background form a superb Activity Centre with Ski Slope, Climbing Walls and Velodrome.

 The full extent of the old Power Station.

 Zooming Up to the Docks we can see that there are Cruise Liners in today.

Half Hidden appears to be the P&O Liner Oriana

Moored at the Fawley Refinery Jetty I spotted this Fire Tug among the others there

The Ships name is the same as our Family Name

From where we are standing as we start on our return journey we get a better view of The Warsash Waterfront. 

Looking back towards the docks again one of the Cruise Liners is leaving so we head back round to the beach.

Travelling up Southampton Water is The Seafin, a Private Yacht of which my wife's cousin used to be the Captain. 

The Non Zoomed view of the Warsash Waterfront. 

On the opposite corner of the mouth of the River Hamble stands the boatyard of Fairy Marine. I am not sure who owns it now.

The Cruise Liner approaches. We can now see that it is the Celebrity Eclipse. Our daughters family took a cruise on her last summer. 

Passing the Fawley Refinery, ships appear so close from where we stand.

The Red Funnel Car Ferry from Cowes to Southampton is approaching.

A Size Comparison between Ship, Ferry and Sailing Boat. 

One of the many Vintage Sailing Boats that have been out in the Solent this week.

Bon Voyage. 

The sun is beginning to set as we head back for a second time.

A last view of Eclipse as she makes her way past the Isle of Wight

Nearly back at Warsash once more.

I quite like this gate design at the Sailing Club

This is where we were heading for a refreshing little something. 

The Setting Sun, through the Rising Sun Inn doorway .

From the Inn Windows we are able to view the remaining passing Cruise Liners in comfort.

The next one to pass is
P&O's Oriana with her distinctive but disproportionately large funnel.

Following not too far behind  is Cunard's Queen Elizabeth

The Sun still lowers as the last few boats make it back to port on the River Hamble.

  Under one of the piers, some wag is trying to convince the locals that 'Nessie' has relocated to Warsash.

The last of the four Cruise Liners we were blessed with today is another P&O liner Azura.

While on the quayside we are met by Ann's brother heading home from a visit to his yacht moored in his boatyard located under their new Boat Lift, seen here towering above the buildings.

As Azura heads off into the distance, passing Nessie, it is time for us to head home.

At this time of the year Warsash and The Rising Sun Inn has the best of its Sunsets to keep the visitors coming back to this very popular spot..

I hope that you enjoyed this short tour with us.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Just for Gerald - Some of my Collection of Antique Boxes with Engineering or Achitectural Drawing Instruments Inside

For the Interest of Box Collector Gerald.

Just a few of my Boxes of Antique Drawing Instruments.

These boxes were taken straight out of their storage box where that have been for a couple of years undisturbed. They just need a lite polish and dust off to bring them back to life.

There are two sets of almost similar in appearance but totally different boxes and their contents.

Each one has been owned by a user and in all probability some of the items may have been changed from the original to suit the owners needs

Brass Inlay and Edge Bevels on this Box. 

Both of these first two sets contain a pair of the Proportional Dividers that I mentioned.

 This Lid has Brass Inlay and Boxwood Edging.

The next two Boxes contain different mixes of Instruments and would appear to emanate from different makers judging by the design of the pieces. 

 This one has the past owners name engraved on the Name Plate

 Just Two Ink Pens and Two Small Compasses

 The Base contains a mixture of Scale Rules, French Curve and Extra Compasses.

The Name Plate here has had a Name removed. 

 Three Ink Pens and a Tracing Spike plus Five Small Compasses.

The Base here just contains Oddments and a couple of Scale Rulers.

My Display Cabinet contains Smaller Boxes and Individual Instruments.

Some of the White Scale Rules and Parallel Rulers are made from Ivory. Others are of Bone.