Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Much Critisied Sea Wall Earns Its Keep Today

The Much Critisied Sea Wall Earns Its Keep Today

As may be seen from the Tide Chart below, we are going through a period of Spring Tides here on Hill Head Beach where we have also been in the path of storm force winds.

Added together today has seen the highest tides that I have seen since we moved here 3 years ago

Throughout the Summer months part of the foreshore has been subjected to major engineering works to protect the promenade and cliff behind it. The design has been the subject of much criticism, particularly by the owners of the Beach Huts that would beneit from the same protection.

The Old Failed Promenade.

Today the sea bit back and the new sea wall was vindicated as my photos below clearly show.

Prior to the engineering work 3000 Tons of extra Pebbles were added to the beach but a large percentage of those had either been moved Eastward by the tides or had been squashed by the Contractors Heavy Equipment.

Promenade Work In Process

During the last few stormy days a significant amount of these Pebbles has been thrown over the Higher Wall and deposited onto the new Promenade requiring that they be physically removed and returned to the beach.

The Stair Wells also seem to be a problem in that the Walls were not  carried around and down the steps as they have been along the Salterns Promenade. This is allowing the Waves to rush through the gap carrying Gravel with them. 

Fareham tide times for the next 7 days
The Tide Chart for Today 4th January 2018

Water rushing through the Stairwell Gaps

Water rushing between the Beach Huts towards the Steps to Cliff Road.

The Lack of Extended Sea Wall allowing the Water to rush over the Promenade

Waves Hitting the Steps Abutment.

Thrown Shingle Laying All Along The Promenade.

Waves Bouncing Off Of The New Sea Wall

Waves and Shingle Pushing through the Second Stair Well

The force of the waves is also pushing Gravel through the Many Drain Pipes.  The Small Piles of Shingle Pushed Through The Drain Pipes can be seen forming here.

During The Storm.

The Aftermath One Day Later - A Deep Pile Of Shingle

The Long View

Tempting the Waves  

High Tide Near to The Sailing Club

The Sea is Running to the Sea Wall Along the Whole Promenade.

With One Hour to High Tide Almost Covering The Slipway

The Recently Replaced Commemorative Bench is Missing Again.

Nearly Level with the Top of The Sailing Club Slipway

A High Tide in the Haven

Sparkling in the Hazy Sunshine

No Beaches for the Swans & Ducks Today.

The Groyne Marker is all that is showing now.

The Water is Beginning to Wash Over Onto The Road.

Almost Level with the Pontoon

The Water Level is Fine Here.

But Getting Awfully Close to The Road Here.

The River Meon is Backing Up Waiting for Low Tide to Release Into The Sea again.

It is High Tide now at 12.15 am and the Road has Flooded.

Looking Over The Wall at The Haven Café as I sit with the Dog to have my Coffee.

Water Lapping over the Footpath and onto the Meon Road.

Even The Pontoon is now Flooded

Now the Whole Seating Area is Flooded.

The Whole Slipway is Now Awash

At The Eastern End The Waves Also Hit The Promenade. 

 Almost Under The Waves.

 No Gravel On The Promenade Along Here

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Monday, 13 November 2017

My 2018 All Morgans' Day Charity Calendar

My 2018 All Morgans' Day Charity Calendar

Each year I have produced a limited edition of a Calendars featuring Morgan Cars.

The take up of these calendars has been in decline and is now very poor because;

  • They are expensive compared to High Street Calendars because I buy so few.
  • There are already so many Free Morgan Calendars around, from The Morgan Sports Car Club to its members, of which I am one.
  • There are also free ones from one or two Morgan Dealerships, if you happen to be on their mailing list, which unfortunately I am not.

However, I began my original quest by making to order a Roadster 100 Register specific version each year but this also lost its popularity very quickly.

This year I have decided to just have a few made featuring All Morgans' Day at Blenheim Palace with photos from last year but on next years Calendar Dates when we will be holding our next event there on 1st July. 

As many of you will already know, All Morgans' Days are used to support our chosen charity. The current Charity we support being Combat Stress, The Veterans Mental Health Charity. These Calendars are to raise some extra funds. 

I am therefore selling my Nine 2018 Calendars to the highest offers exceeding £12.00 each as this base price will yield at least £99.00 and as usual, I will include my postage costs into the full donation.

This is an example of the January Page below which indicates both National Holidays and some additional Car Events.

The Calendars are printed on Premium Paper (Thin Card) with a Soft Sheen giving each Photo Plate an after use should anyone want to collect them. 

If any Roadster 100 Register Members would like one then please let me know ASAP as I will offer them, first to the wider Morgan Community and then via Ebay in December if they do not sell here.

It is now 4th January 2018 and the few I sold raised £162 for Combat Stress. There are no more for sale now


 The Front Cover